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The best place to buy Transkei Magic Mushroom cheap is from us. When you order your Transkei Magic Mushroom online, we will deliver the product at your address safely. Transkei is a psilocybe cubensis potent strain that produces exceptional body sensation and these sensations increase at higher doses. This “wonder Mushroom” was first discovered in 2002 off the Transkei coast in South Africa. Order Now    fhf

These shrooms are especially potent, being able to produce both closed eye and more remarkably open eye visuals. Transkei Cubensis are also known for being sensation enhancing mushrooms that can alter the way you perceive sound and visuals, produce geometric shapes as well as ‘dancing lights’ perceptions.

It is also sometimes called South African Transkei (SAT), or simply Transkei Cubensis. As far as we know, this is the first hallucinogenic mushrooms from the continent of Africa.

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Firstly, you can buy Transkei Magic Mushroom Overnight from us. African Transkei is a moderately potent magic mushroom
When you buyTranskei Magic Mushroom online, you will notice they are medium in size with a solid stem that appears to be a little gnarly. The younger variety of these mushrooms produce bright orange or brown caps but later on, as they mature, they will turn pale and almost white in color.

Also,their sporulation is purple, giving the mushrooms their unique white, gold, and purple pattern that you will notice immediately. As for the veil, for the most part of Transkei Cubensis mushrooms, it should tear from the cap, remaining connected to the stem.

Transkei magic mushrooms are known to be more visually stimulating than others. We don’t recommend this strain for first timers. Strains with higher visual stimulation will provide an experience with more light tracers, light stimulation and vast geometric pattern visualizations.


The recommended museum dose (0.5-1.5g) and moderate dose (2-3.5g) should provide you with a 3-6 hour trip. Please in case you need more details, see more on Buy Transkei Magic Mushroom

The effects of Transkei Cubensis begin between 10 and 40 minutes after ingestion.
They may last between 3 to 6 hours depending on the person and the dose ingested.
If you are using this product for the first time or if you are increasing the dosage significantly for the first time, choose a familiar and safe place to do so. If possible, ask a sober trip sitter to share this experience with you. Buy magic shrooms from South Africa
Try to stay hydrated while using this product, especially if you are outdoors or performing physical activities while using Transkei Cubensis. If you are experiencing nausea during come up, drink honey ginger tea.
Do not use this product if you are pregnant. Do not mix Transkei Cubensis with other drugs. Do not mix Transkei Cubensis with alcohol.

After 10-30 minutes of consuming Transkei shrooms you will feel your mood enhanced with euphoria and excitement. Depending on dosage you will experience mild to intense visual enhancements.
Things may seem like they are breathing, the nature around you will feel more alive and you will find yourself in introspective thought. Music and art will look and feel different and you will have a higher appreciation and you may relate the music or art to yourself on a more personal level. The most common museum dose (0.5-1.5g) and moderate dose (2-3.5g) should provide you with a 3-6 hour trip. Please read our FAQ section for more details.

How To Consume African Transkei Magic

Eat The Shrooms Whole

When you buy your shrooms, chew them very well and swallow them. The better you chews them the easier it’ll be for the stomach to break is down and the sooner the onset of the effects will take place. Feel free to drink your favorite beverage of choice to wash them down.

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