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Buy Psilocybe Stuntzil online also known as Stuntz’s Blue legs and Blue Ringers it is a psilocybin mushroom of the family Hymenogastraceae, having psilocybin and psilocin as main active compounds.


Buy Psilocybe Stuntzil online

Magicshrooms Farm is the best psychedelics online store where you can Buy Psilocybe Stuntzil online. belongs to a family known as Hymenogastraceae, having psilocybin and psilocin as main active compounds. psilocybin Stuntzil mushroom is also known in the streets as Stuntz’s Blue legs and Blue Ringers. The best place to Buy Psilocybe Stuntzil online is from Magicshrooms Farm. When you order from us, be sure to have quality products and we also deliver to your doorsteps.

Description of  Psilocybe Stuntzil, order Psilocybe Stuntzil  online

Here at Magicshrooms Farm, you order psilocybe stuntzii for sale at a budget friendly rate. Psilocybe stuntzii was named after Daniel Stuntz of the University of Washington where it was originally found. The nicknames “blue legs” and “blue ringers” is as a result of the significant bluing reaction this species undergoes in response to handling or age. Dark blue, green or violet splotches are common on older caps.The best place to order Psilocybe stuntzii Online is from us.

This species of Mushroom is only found on the Western coast of North America, south to Santa Cruz, California. It prefers a woody substrate soil, growing on decaying debris an also on fresh mulch and wood chips. This Mushroom can tolerate grassy areas, appearing on fresh sod or on very well-manicured lawns. Regardless of where it is found, this mushroom species rarely grows alone and is habitually found in small “bouquets” or tight groups.

The bluing reaction that gives this mushroom species its street name is due to the oxidation of its active compounds. P Stuntzil contains moderate to high levels of psilocybin, along with low quantities of psilocin and baeocystin. This in tend provide an overall moderate, but potentially long-lasting, psychoactive experience. The flavor and Aroma is generic to Psilocybe, lightly floury or “farinaceous”.

Habitat and Distribution, Psilocybe Stuntzil for Sale.

Psilocybe stuntzii can be seen in newly-mulched gardens throughout the western parts north of the Pacific. It can also be seen growing scattered in small groups in new lawns with fresh sod, and on soils rich in woody debris from early August to late December.

In Seattle, Washington, however, it grows all year long. This magic mushroom has also been seen in other areas such as California and as far south as Santa Cruz.

Some decades ago, Psilocybe stuntzii was found in almost half of newly prepared and mulched lawns. As pastures slowly disappear from Seattle, this magic shroom has also declined in number. Now, this mushroom appears periodically on freshly-manicured and fertilized new lawns

Effects of Psilocybe Stuntzii

  • Many people claim it has helped them with various conditions from anxiety to migraine headaches, often when more mainstream treatments had failed.
  • Known effects include;
  • hallucinations,
  • changes in mood and thought-pattern,
  • nausea,
  • trouble with coordination and balance.
  • Often, the changes in mood take the form of euphoria and a feeling of connection, but not always.
  • The altered thought patterns can lead to important personal insights, though wisdom is never as simple as eating a mushroom.
  • The experience can vary dramatically depending on the dose and the mindset and surroundings of the user. See more
Psilocybe Stuntzii Effects when Combined with Other Drugs

Psilocybe stuntzii is a powerful psychedelic and should never be mixed with other mind-altering substances. Here’s a rundown of the effects of psilocybin from Psilocybe stuntzii when ingested in combination with common drugs.

Psilocybin and Cannabis. When used with marijuana, the visual hallucinations associated with magic shrooms become more intense. They should not be mixed together if you do not have any experience with psychedelics.

Shrooms can also amplify the common effects of bad weed: anxiety, confusion, and delusion. If mixing these two cannot be avoided, it’s best to start with only a fraction of the usual cannabis dose, and gradually increase from that point on.

Psilocybin and Alcohol. This combination is not recommended. Drinking alcohol results in dehydration, fatigue, and nausea. High doses of alcohol will only produce negative effects. The psychedelic experience will be dulled and become more physically draining. It’s only safe to consume alcohol during the comedown phase following the ingestion of shrooms.

Psilocybin and Other Hallucinogens.

 Other hallucinogens such as nitrous oxide and ephenidine should not be taken with Psilocybe stuntzii. Together, they will distort one’s sense of reality and perceptions resulting in disconnection and detachment from the environment and the self. The hallucinations become more realistic. Nausea, confusion, and delusions are also more intense.

When psilocybin and MDMA are used together, the visual, physical, and cognitive effects of MDMA are magnified resulting in an overpowering euphoric bliss. The interaction of these drugs is unpredictable but thankfully, the potential toxicity of this combination has never been reported.

Psilocybe stuntzii is best enjoyed when it is taken alone and without any other drugs which may dull its effects or make it go out of control. For the best psilocybin experience, all you need is some magic shrooms, a positive mindset, and a comfortable environment. Buy Psilocybe Stuntzil Online cheap from us today.

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